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If you love VR as much as I do, you understand the need our little gaming niche has for new, innovative, and high quality content.  We need to prove to the nay-sayers that VR isn’t a fad – it’s finally here, it’s for real, and we’re going to make it amazing.  

I’ve got some truly fantastic talent at my fingertips, and a lot of these people have donated all of their contributed efforts so far without a dime of compensation.  I would love to be able to pay them, not to mention, afford to hire or commission some additional code and art support.  

Anything you’re willing to donate would help leaps and bounds in making this game a reality.

Regular behind the scenes videos will be released, as well as podcasts discussing VR and the gaming industry, and games development.

Patrons will also get access to alpha builds of the game and help with play testing!  Feedback is always welcome!

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