Vanguard V

  • Vanguard V is an all-new Virtual Reality action game that takes the best aspects of flight and adventure, and throws you deep into the experience as only Virtual Reality can. Driven by music, story, and innovative VR design, Vanguard V is a celebration of gameplay to welcome Virtual Reality to the world.
  • You play as Qu, who has tracked the parasite menace from worlds afar and with the help of her A.I. companion, BiT, is fighting to save the planet’s inhabitants from utter annihilation. Fly in low orbit while re-entering the atmosphere, skim the waters of the ocean, dive into the tunnel from the initial impact and make your way to the center of the planet to exterminate the source of the parasite infestation. Lock on with your VR targeting system and blast through the alien threat!

Vanguard V eschews traditional controllers entirely, in favor of utilizing the full capabilities of motion tracking offered by the current-gen headsets. No longer do you have to know your controller or keyboard by feel as you attempt to navigate Virtual Reality. Simply look in a direction, and Qu will move there! Your view direction also controls the aiming cursor, which allows you to lock onto enemies, destroying them with your powerful homing lasers.

That isn’t to say that there’s not variety to what happens in the game. Depending on circumstance, your weapon systems and control capabilities change. In some levels, you’ll be skating across the ocean, in others, you’ll be on the inside of a lava tube, rotating as you fly. Your weapons even change to fit the circumstances. However, the base control scheme always remains intuitive.

Thanks to the help and support of some great industry contacts and colleagues we’ve already got the development hardware needed to make Vanguard V for both the Oculus Rift, and the Sony Morpheus, and the game is planned to be released for both systems, as well as other potential hardware still yet unannounced or in development.

Lead Characters


Qu is humanities last hope. In times of peace, she spends her days browsing the informational networks of Earth. She considers Earth her home, fascinated by its ever varying landscapes, a stark contrast to her own surroundings. She is highly intelligent, but has lived vicariously through the information available to her. Qu has had few chances to interact with humans directly but loves them dearly. Some days she finds herself longing for reasons to go down and interact with them.

Qu is voiced by the lovely and talented Callyn Dorval.  A voice over artist working out of Vancouver, BC.


BiT is Qu’s robotic companion. Non-biological, but highly intelligent, BiT also knows much of humanity. A bit more cynical than Qu, BiT is thankful that humanity has lived in peace, as he feels he has little in common with them and would rather avoid contact if possible. He oversees Qu and is her best friend and companion. He also is a part of her arsenal; he functions as a remote camera, giving Qu a tactical overview of her own situation from 3rd person while also providing information on Qu’s surroundings.

BiT is voiced by Joey Groeneweg, a talented voice actor and comedian who has also been recruited to the role of screenwriter for the game, after his improvisations so thoroughly impressed us.