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Vanguard V – Game Development Fundraiser

With your contribution you can be part of VR history

To finish Vanguard V we need your help. The tools and talent to make a game of this scope takes serious resources. To help with obtaining those resources, we are now providing several options.

  • You can donate directly towards the studios funds. Each dollar goes directly into the game, nothing is squandered.
  • You can subscribe to the Patreon V-Cast to get Behind the Scenes access to game development in action.



Got something on the budget list that you can part with to reduce the total cost of the game’s development? Send it our direction and knock down that total. Are you a gifted artist or coder? We would love to work with you!

  • Hardware (Test Rigs, HMDs, Dev Kits, etc)
  • Software Licenses (Maya, Unity Pro, etc)
  • Concept Art (Pro level)
  • Creature Modeling (Pro level)
  • Terrain Assets (Pro level)

If you would like to contribute or you have an idea, scroll down and send a message.

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