"F*cking amazing! ~Dan Avidan
That is a rad game ~Arin Hanson"

− Game Grumps


− eVRydayVR

"Really cool!"

− JackSepticEye

"All sorts of amazing!"

− Mike Rose

"One of the most promising titles I’ve seen for the Oculus Rift yet!"

− RoadToVR.com


− Polygon

"cool, colorful VR game"

− VentureBeat

Vanguard V is a fast-paced flight adventure game, designed for Virtual Reality, with diverse settings including flights through space, Earth’s surface, and the worlds below. You are the sole defender and greatest weapon against the Parasites. The freedom of flight meets action adventure!

The journey began in 2014 when ZeroTransform was founded. Vanguard V was nothing more than a single level prototype featuring a girl and her A.I. companion. As VR started grow, so did our desire to create a studio that could dedicate its efforts to the platform. We released a couple titles as we began laying down the foundation for ZeroTransform. Proton Pulse and Pulsar Arena hit the marketplace while we continued to fine tune our process and grow as a studio. The goal was to reach a point where we could develop Vanguard V to its full potential, a bar that was higher than our abilities in the beginning.

Vanguard V is now ready for our full attention. We have the team, we have the tools, now we just need to execute. We can do this with your help.

  • Try out the levels as they’re developed.
  • Get a 360 view of the studio as we discuss our development process in the Dev Corner section.
  • Participate in community surveys and help shape the title with your input.

Join us on our journey to make Vanguard V a reality and be part of VR history.

Panoramic 360 image.  Drag with your mouse or view full screen with your smartphone.

The Early Access version features level commentary from the devs, a Dev corner section featuring 360 video that showcases a behind-the-scenes look into development, and other extras (soundtrack, art). As the player, you become part of the game’s growth and can witness the evolution of game design first hand.

Panoramic 360 image.  Drag with your mouse or view full screen with your smartphone.